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The LiteClip Strip was created in the late ‘90s out of the die that was meant for a perpendicular mini lite clip for wireform reindeer. The Idea didn’t quite work but it led to a slightly taller clip and then punching a hole in it for a C-7 & C-9 bulb.

Inventor Fred Blanton was in need of a faster and more economical way to install holiday lights on homes and shopping centers.

The challenge on a home was to prevent the annual stapling of thousands of holes in the outside trim of houses to prevent moisture and insect penetration.

The challenge on a shopping center was to create straight lines and cut the installation and removal times. The LiteClip Strip did just that.  The LiteClip Strip Tube was introduced in the early 2000 and this allowed the framing of a door, window or other architectural feature without a permanent attachment to the structure.  Display windows became a large market as the LCS Tube frame could be installed and removed in less than 30 seconds in most installations.

Once you try it you will never go back to the old methods of light installation.  Many home owners have gone to just windows and doors for a typical “whole house lighting” that installs in less than an hour!

We have manufactured over 325 miles of the LiteClip Strip with out largest customer’s annual installation and removal now reaching 500,000 feet!


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